The Budget, Accounting and Statistics Office's main duties are providing accounting administrative services, including allocating budgets, verification and bookkeeping. The other duties include statistics and personnelAt present, 3 divisions belong to the Budget, Accounting and Statistics Office, which has 29 members of staff. There is 1 director, 2 executive officers, 3 section heads, 5 specialists, 12 officers, 1 clerk, 1 technical worker, 1 maintenance worker, and 6 contractors in the Office.



The Budget Division is in charge of the following:


  • Projecting budget estimates
  • Arranging budget meetings
  • Reviewing budget estimates
  • Assembling annual budgets
  • Allocating annual budgets
  • Applying for first and secondary reserved funds
  • Examining expenses of subsidies
  • Statistical affairs
  • Documentation


The Verification Division is in charge of the following:


  • Examining revenue and expenditure documents
  • Controlling and auditing annual expenditures in accordance with relevant laws and internal procedures
  • Auditing management of properties
  • Supervising procedures of purchases
  • Performing due diligence on financial revenues and expenditures
  • Appling for the retaining of budgets
  • Examining expenses of subsidies


The Bookkeeping Division is in charge of the following:


  • Producing payment vouchers
  • Payment voucher sealing
  • Transmitting payment vouchers to the Disbursement Office via the Treasury Electronic System
  • Accounting information maintenance
  • Sorting relevant documents of payment vouchers for the Ministry of Audit
  • Filing the original evidence of subsidies
  • Issuing the monthly and final accounting reports
  • Issuing the semi-annual settlement of accounts reports
  • Dealing with audits carried out by the Ministry of Audit
  • Examining expenses of subsidies

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